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  • Antoine Chahine

    Antoine Chahine

    Project Manager
    Antoine has more than 10 years of experience in management consulting, working for a multitude of multinational and boutique consulting firms, serving various geographical areas in the MENA region, and working in diverse industries and consulting topics ranging from design to execution.
    Looking back at my experience in the different consulting firms that I have worked for, two things stood out about PACS: First, the people. They are simply individuals that I want to spend time with - very interesting, passionate and intelligent people who I love to work with. Second, the focus on tangible and pragmatic results, not simply reports. At PACS, I have the chance to deep-dive into the core of the engagements, really understand the client business from the inside, and to learn on a daily basis, all of which I find extremely motivating.
  • Sally Skaff

    Sally Skaff

    Project Manager
    Sally has extensive expertise in providing a professionally profound, comprehensive and mostly Middle Eastern perspective in the fields of organizational transformation and human capital. Since she joined PACS, she has led setup and efficiency enhancement projects across a variety of industry sectors and topics, through concepts’ detailing and implementation. Sally is a certified Life and Career Coach and works closely with clients on management and leadership coaching.
    At PACS, I work everyday with brilliant people on shaping the future of businesses through crafting customized solutions and driving their implementation, in a friendly and mentoring environment that has brightened my days and expanded my horizon.
  • Sami Dabbour

    Sami Dabbour

    Senior Consultant
    Sami joined PACS shortly after its incubation and worked on a variety of projects in the fields of international collaboration, education and innovation while focusing on different functions like financial modelling, strategy development and benchmarking.
    For me PACS is about a continuous and steep learning curve.
  • Ghina Hneini

    Ghina Hneini

    Ghina followed an unusual career path at PACS, first starting in an internal role in research and development and then became a consultant after a short period of time. Since then, she has worked on strategy and implementation projects and on topics such as procurement, operational improvement and change management in the public sector and in education.
    At PACS, I am embraced by intellectual and friendly individuals who execute impactful solutions and support solid learnings, while calling it just a normal day at work.


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