Synchronizing pace with our clients to build practical solutions
Due to waning oil prices causing strong drops in liquidity, SMEs and Family Businesses (FBs) face key challenges such as being at a transitioning point, and entering a business crisis mode.

Given that more than 70% of businesses in the GCC are family owned or controlled, enhancing the performance of the FB industry will have a huge socio-economic impact on the region.

We cooperate with family businesses in various sectors (e.g., retail, industrial manufacturing, financial services, real estate, oil and gas) to uncover the main difficulties and solve them by tailoring and synchronizing our pace to business, and interacting with key stakeholders.

  • Family Businesses and SMEs
  • We support our clients on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    • Corporate and family governance
    • Succession planning, transition and professional talent management
    • Portfolio optimization and asset management advisory
    • Vision, mission, values and family charter


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