Advising and supporting financial institutions through tailored solutions
The banking and financial sector is a key growth pillar for the MENA region, with ample amount of fields within the industry that are notably emerging. For example, online banking in the GCC region is still developing with 20% penetration and represents a promising platform for banking growth opportunities.

Similarly, the insurance sector in the region lags behind in terms of quality and maturity and companies struggle to develop lasting relationships with their clients, focusing solely on commercial transactions. Consequently, few insurances are able to properly address emerging client needs, e.g., mobile applications, telematics, pay as you go, etc.

We support our clients from the banking and insurance sectors, in addressing their challenges, and provide guidance throughout their transformation journeys. We tailor our approach to context-specific parameters, as markets differ profoundly in their dynamics and regulatory frameworks, making a one-approach-fits-all unrealistic.

  • Financial Services
  • We support our clients on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    • Organic and inorganic growth strategies and business planning
    • Distribution strategies
    • Operational excellence
    • Digital and big data


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