Transforming pen-and-paper strategies to tangible improvements
We go beyond developing strategies to mobilize our teams in collaboration with our clients’ teams to translate strategies into reality. Our vast experience in execution enables us to account for extra variables during implementation.

According to a US survey, 80% of organizations leaders feel that their company is comfortable at establishing strategy whereas 56% feel not confident at its implementation and as little as 2% are confident that they will achieve 80% and above of their strategy’s objectives.

Many complexities arise during the implementation, we help our clients' teams in every step along the way to achieve a tangible outcome matching the intended targets. We follow a stringent approach to deliver on the strategy based on four key pillars:

  • Coaching through mentoring sessions, workshops and trainings with the client’s core teams
  • Content vetting, through mobilizing our brainpower and subject matter experts
  • Continuity through regular touch-points to ensure alignment and course review
  • Governance setup and ownership through structured project management and senior presence on the ground
  • Execution
  • We support our clients on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    • Client teams' capability building
    • Progress management
    • Conflict resolution and stakeholders’ alignment


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